Autonolas Contribute is a system for coordinating work in the Autonolas DAO. It is made up of 3 main components:
  • Actions – tasks defined by the DAO. When community members complete tasks they earn points.
  • Badge – everybody in the community has a profile. Profiles include a badge which dynamically updates when community members complete actions and earn points.
  • Leaderboard – community members are ranked based on the points they’ve earned by completing actions.
Autonolas Contribute is powered by an autonomous service. This means it is able to automate complex operations in a fully decentralized way, for example:
  • processing actions
  • aggregating points
  • updating NFT metadata


Actions are tasks that are designed by the DAO to maximize impact for Autonolas’ success. When community members complete actions, they contribute to the DAO’s progress.
Each action has a name, instructions and points. Take a simple example:
  • Name – Complete an Academy Task
  • Instructions – Finish one of the tasks between modules and send a screenshot using the claim form.
  • Points – 4500
In the action in this example will earn a community member 4500 points.
Actions change regularly – new ones are added, some are removed, points and instructions change etc. See the current set of actions here.


Community members’ points will start showing up on the leaderboard after they have registered.
Community members can mint an Autonolas Badge. Badges are fun visual representation of community contributions. Badges are NFTs following the ERC-721 standard. Badges update when community members earn points. This happens automatically at regular intervals. The updates are done by a decentralized, off-chain service powered by Autonolas.
If actions change, you do not lose points and your badge does not downgrade.
Mint your badge
  1. Go to the homepage.
  2. Connect a Web3 wallet. The website supports MetaMask and WalletConnect-enabled wallets.
  3. Under “Badge”, click “Mint Badge”.
  4. Follow the instructions in your wallet to submit the minting transaction. Badges are NFTs on mainnet Ethereum. There is no fee to mint a badge, but the minting transaction requires that you pay ETH to fund the cost of gas.
  5. Wait for the transaction to complete.
  6. If necessary, refresh the page.
  7. You should now see your badge on the website.
Badge tiers
There are several badge tiers, and each has a different shape:
  1. Idle –  0 - 100 points. Badge is not activated. Register your profile to activate.
  2. Basic – 0 – 50k points
  3. Legendary – 50k – 100k points
  4. Epic – 100k - 150k points
  5. Super Epic – 150k+ points
These examples represent how your Autonolas Badge will change over time as you earn more points and move through the tiers.
Badge example 1


The Autonolas Contribute leaderboard ranks each community member according to the number of points they have earned.
To earn more points, complete more actions.

How It Works

Autonolas Contribute is an autonomous service that manages the updating of Autonolas community non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Autonomous services are made up of multiple agents who come to consensus on what action to take. This means that autonomous services are not only decentralized, they have inbuilt fault tolerance.
The service pulls in data from a Google spreadsheet that contains every address that has minted a token and their assigned score. It uses a system of image codes to generate and modify IPFS image metadata based on the user's score. It redirects URIs towards the updated metadata so that the NFTs display a new image when visualized on NFT platforms such as Opensea.
Autonomous Service
Going into more technical detail. The service is built using a finite state machine (FSM) architecture, enabling maximum composability. The FSM composed of several rounds, namely:
  • NewMemberListRound – agents search for new minted NFTs and create a list of wallets holding a community NFT that is not in the first table. This list is then used to update the table.
  • LeaderboardObservationRound – agents read the leaderboard from the API and agree on the JSON file they receive.
  • ImageCodeCalculationRound – for each entry in the leaderboard, agents check for members whose number of points have changed and recalculate their images.
  • ImageGenerationRound – agents check for new image codes and generate the corresponding images.
  • ImageStorageRound – agents store the generated images on IPFS and update the redirect table.
  • UpdateDatabaseRound – agents update the first table with the new image codes and points.
This process is repeated periodically to ensure that the community NFTs are up-to-date and reflect the latest scores of their owners.

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